Error Codes

Have you ever tried dialing up and it gives you an error message and it doesn't make any sense? Well, below are some of the most common error codes related to dial-up, with an easy to understand explanation of what they mean.

Error 630

The port was disconnected due to a hardware failure.

This basically means that your modem is not functioning properly. You can restart your computer to see if that fixes the issue. If that still didn't work, try turning your computer off completely and leaving it off for a few minutes and turn it back on. If you continue receiving this error message, you will have to have your modem replaced.

Error 666

Your computer can not see your modem. Please turn off your computer and turn it back on to see if your modem just needed a power reset. If it still does not see the modem, it might have died and will need to be replaced.

Error 678

This pretty much means that either our computer or your computer did not respond in a good amount of time. Try and re-dial to see if that allows you to connect. If you still can't connect, re-type in both your Username and Password and re-dial. If this still doesn't connect you, please call us... we might have to walk you through deleting your current dial-up setup and setting up a new dial-up connection on your computer.

Error 680

No dial tone... is something or someone else using the phone line? Check to see if the phone line is in use by something or someone first, if no one is using the line, then continue reading.

Check your phone cable to see if it's plugged into the right port in your computer (it should be in the "Line" port not the "Phone" port). It is also possible that the phone cable went bad and needs to be replaced.

Error 691

This basically means that either your Username or your Password is not typed in correctly. Re-type in both your Username and Password in this format:

{ (for WHC users) or (for all other users... TexasOnline, USAonline, etc.)}

There is also a small chance that one of our servers is not authenticating correctly. Your Username and Password might be correct, but the issue is on our end. If you have re-typed in your Username and Password a few times already, give us a call and we'll find out what the actual issue could be.

Error 718

Either your computer or ours didn't respond in a timely manner. Please re-dial to see if it connects you.

Error 721

Pretty much the same as error 718... please re-dial and see if you get connected.

Other Error Messages

If you receive any other error messages that are not shown on this page, please either write down the error message or leave it up on your screen and give us a call. We'll try and help you figure out what the issue could be.