Windows Vista Dial-Up Setup

Click on Start and then Connect To

When the Connect to a Network windows opens up, select "Set up a connection or network"

Select "Set up a dial-up connection", click "Next"

Now on this page, type in the dial-up access number that we provided you when you signed up with us. (If you do not have this number, please click on "Access Numbers" at the top-left of this page and search for the access number that is local to your area.) Type in your Username and Password.

{Your username will need to be in this format: (for WHC users) or (for all other users... TexasOnline, USAonline, etc.)}

Make sure that "Remember this password" is checked. Type in a name for the connection... WHC, Hiline, TexasOnline, USAonline,, Caprok,, or BasinLink... this will be whatever your email domain is. Click "Connect" Your computer will now try to connect to the internet. If it connects, it will tell you that it's connected and you're done... if it doesn't connect and gives you an error, write down the error and give us a call.

Now all you need to do to connect is click on Start and go back into Connect To and you're dial-up connection will be in the list. Click on it and select "Connect" That's it!